Used Vehicle Warranties 


Lets face it, buying a used car is scary. So many things can go wrong. That’s why we go through our cars to make sure we’re not selling lemons. And to back that up, we include a FREE 30day/1000mile Powertrain Warranty on every vehicle we sell. That’s right, FREE. As in… zip, zero, nada, gratis.


On top of that, we’ve partnered with ENDURACE DEALER SERVICES, America’s Top Warranty company so that your Worry-Free Purchase with us extends into Worry-Free Ownership for years to come!



•Excellent for High Mileage vehicles.
•Long-term Coverage.
•Keeps your car running. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy.



•Perfect for the average driver.
•Complete Drivetrain Coverage plus Brakes, Steering, A/C, Cooling and Fuel Systems
•Even includes regular wear and tear. The most common loophole in the warranty business.



•Top of the Line Coverage
•The type of policy that doesn’t mess around.
•This one would rather list the few items not covered instead of killing trees listing every single thing covered.