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Meet The Team

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Edgar - Owner & General Manager


Saying Edgar has a passion for cars in an understatement, cars run through his blood. Growing up with a car-nut dad who was also an entrepreneur to his core, running a used car store was a no brainer. He ventured into the car sales business with a good friend and mentor. Watching this business and team grow, he took a leap of faith and opened his own lot. Through blood sweat and tears he has watched his dream become a reality. A key to his success has been being selective in picking his team. Just like every vehicle on the lot has been carefully selected, so has every member of this team.

He has been building a team of superstars who are focused on providing the best car buying experience in our category of the market. Edgar puts his heart and soul into each of his cars, teammates, and customers. Everyone who comes into the lot becomes family.

First car- 1984 Ford Mustang Convertible. Gorgeous car when looking at it at night and at least 100 yards away. No heat meant he had to drive to school sticking his head out the window in the mornings and leaked so much oil that he always had a full supply in his trunk.

Hobbies-Grill Master Extraordinaire, motorcycles, old German cars, learning, always looking to get into new adventures.

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Alan - Owner, Service & Inventory Manager


We stole Alan from a mayor local food chain. Being a car head, fantastic with people and Edgar’s brother-in-law, this transition was inevitable. We knew he was good at building teams, processes and procedures but we didn’t anticipate how impactful his contribution to our team would be. Starting with cooking or grilling for the team and insisting we all sit and eat together; Alan has singlehandedly turned our team into a family.

He was naturally worried of leaving a fantastic position at a job he knew all the ins and outs and could probably do with his eyes closed, to jumping out into the uncertain world of being self-employed. He went ahead and did it anyways and hasn’t looked back. His outsider view of the used car industry is refreshing and has definitely given us an edge over most stores that only see their side of the business.

First car-1983 Toyota Celica 5-speed manual RWD. This was his first project. Handed down from his mom. Had every intention to paint it Midnight Blue in his school’s body shop class, only made it to primer gray. This car was too fun to stop driving it long enough to complete its paint job. Eventually passed it down to his younger brother who in turn had his set of adventures in it.

Hobbies-Cooking, cars, family time, motorcycles, DIY projects around the house.

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Bishop - General Sales & Advertising Manager


Bishop has worked in several aspects of the car business since 2005. He absolutely loves talking to people, listening to their needs and finding ways to accommodate them.

In his childhood, his great-grandfather and grandfather owned a garage in Old Lyme, Connecticut where he would often go visit. We think that’s where his car bug started but there’s no way of telling for sure. He’s always been a fan of anything with engines and wheels. Whatever the case, we’re excited to have him on our team.

Edgar met Bishop in the most unconventional ways. After sharing notes, tips and stories in the automotive industry, it felt like the right move to have him join our team and run all Marketing and Advertising. He is an integral part or our team and it’s most likely he who will work with you through your car buying experience with us.

He is a proud single father to a gorgeous 3-year-old princess named Jackie who will melt your heart when she asks you to “Please buy a car, I want a pony.”

First car-1989 Dodge Caravan SE. While most kids were looking for something that resembled a vehicle out of The Fast and The Furious, he needed something bigger for his DJ business. It was a two-tone van, maroon and rust. It introduced him to the world of constant repairs and maintenance, but had the best stereo a 17-year-old could buy.

Hobbies- cooking, crafting, woodworking, vinyl work, hiking, music, movies, motorcycles and big military vehicles. More recently, he started producing a podcast called The Art of Car Buying.

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Yarelly - Office Manager & Accountant


Yarelly or Ellie as many of us call her has known Edgar and Alan for a very long time. When it was time to expand our team and add an office manager, she was the perfect choice. She helps keep all of us guys in line and makes sure we always get a receipt. She is also the dog mom to our shop dog Brinn!

She now takes care of the bulk of Title and DMV work for eAutomotive. IF you ever have a special request or need help with registration work, she is the person you want to talk to. She is a very valued member of the eAutomotive team and we could not imagine life without her.

First Car – Was a Saturn S-Serries sedan. She can’t remember what year it was but she does remember it was a manual and she had to teach herself how to drive it. She loved that it had a shift light and that was a lot of help in teaching her how to shift gears. She no longer has the Saturn but she does know it is still chugging along and being driven by one of her cousins.

Hobbies – Hiking, Reading, People Watching, Enjoying Nature, Spending time with Brinn

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Cipriano - Head Detailer and Shop Assistant


Cipriano got his love of cars from the Fast and the Furious movies. We don’t judge him for this because for many of us those movies spoke to us as well when we were young.

Growing up he didn’t have much. This quickly taught him the value of hard work and to appreciate what he spends his hard earned money on. He has a great attitude and a willingness to figure out any task he gets assigned even if it means having to learn some new skills.

First car- 2003 Honda Civic LX. It was blue and had some nice aftermarket rims and coil over suspension. It was also a manual and he loved it.

When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife Crystal and daughter Vienna. He has also been known to occasionally unwind by playing some video games.

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Nick Birch - Sales


Nick Birch- Sales

Nick always loved working with people and learning new things. Growing up he learned the importance of working hard and earning your stay. For most of his teenage years he worked in the food industry starting at Café Rio and later at Johnny Rockets as a server. After making one too many burritos he decided to do what he really enjoyed, working with cars and making money. It was an easy transition and felt natural to him.

Nicks first car was a 1970 Mustang with a fox body named little Sebastian. It was a beautiful two-tone matte primer and rusted blue. It had blue carpet and blue leather seats that were as comfy as your grandma’s couch. It leaked oil like no one’s business so he always had some stored in his trunk. This was his introduction to the automotive world and he learned the basics of car maintenance with his beloved mustang.

Hobbies: Video games, cooking, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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